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plinko's Journal

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Pope Zypgx
30 July 1976

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Some people call me Pope. Some people call me Plinko. Other people call me Myrtle. Okay, nobody calls me Myrtle, but I wish someone would. :(

I work for a University. I am not quite sure exactly what my job is, but it involves waxy grapes, people made from jello, and spending a lot of time on LJ. My title is Computer Networking Operations Specialist, or it used to be. Technically, I am a BOFH.
I enjoy evil, pants, and hitting things with blunt objects. I own a PLINKO STICK for putting the smack down. And a katana for when I am pretending to ninja out. I have a cat. His name is Huxley. Sometimes he tries to eat my brains. He's got an abnormally large head.

Contact Information:

Email: mindglue@prismnet.com

AIM: shinobibee

Cellphone Email: mindglue@gmail.com

Google Voice/Text: (832) 356-6428

absurdists, aggieland, aldous huxley, alt.religion.kibology, ancient civilizations, anime, anthony bourdain, anthropology, art cars, asphyxiation, battlestar galactica, beable, bee toys, beekeeping, bees, blar, blarblar, blasphemy, bloody bagels, blow darts, blowdarts, bsg, buckminster fuller, buddha, buddhism, bunnies, burning flesh, cacophonists, cacophony society, cannibalism, cemetaries, chagall, chihuly, collecting religious tracts, college station, conflagrations, conspiracy theories, cultural terrorism, culture jamming, cynicism, dadaists, darjeeling, dead like me, devi, dirt, diy, douglas coupland, eddie izzard, edo era, edwardian era, engrish, etymology, explosions, eyestabbing, fire, foam, forced assisted suicide, garotte, girl scouts, globe trekker, grammar, hallucinations, hanamachi, haruspicy, hbo rome, hermits, history channel, ignoring others, james morrow, john waters, kandinsky, kibo, kibology, left-handers, leonard cohen, literary snobbery, literature, loners, lumberfork, manga, meat hats, media pollution, meiji era, melting, memetics, mind control, mind rape, morphine, mst3k, mute, mythbusters, nabokov, needles, networking, neurophagy, new orleans, ninjas, numbness, pbs documentaries, peep torture, percy bysshe shelley, perfecting my geek slouch, pickles, pills, pocky, pooh, popes, postmodern literature, postmodernism, pt cruisers, punk crafts, pus, pyromania, raina, recluses, religion, robert anton wilson, saints, samurai, sarcasm, schizophrenia, screwdrivers, seamonkeys, self-immolation, shinsengumi, silence, snarling, southwestern literature, strangulation, subgenii, subgenius, suffocation, sushi, talk.bizarre, taoism, taxidermy, tea, thenineteen, theology, tourette's syndrome, trepanation, unshinjutsu, urban spelunking, vhemt, victorian era, vocabulary, vonnegut, whammo, xix, zen driving

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